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Sewald Hanfling works with clients to help influence public policy, grow their business or simply understand how things work in Colorado. They work closely with stakeholders to achieve their short and long term goals. In advocating for or against a cause, legislation or initiative, Sewald Hanfling will build and execute a strategy with an understanding of all aspects that may affect the outcome. They work with political, corporate and non-profit organizations.

At Sewald Hanfling they understand that developing a comprehensive strategic plan and assembling the right team is only the beginning. As is any business even the best ideas will not work without the right management team. Every public and government relations’ effort needs effective management and guidance on a daily basis every day. Sewald Hanfling reacts quickly and efficiently to further its client’s goals.

Along with consulting or advising, Sewald Hanfling becomes part of your team. From analyzing the public and political landscape, developing a strategic plan, building the right team or coalition and crafting and delivering your message to voters, stakeholders and influencers, they are involved at every step.

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