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Denver Post: Politics: Local Politics

  1. Abortion rights bill spiked by Senate Democrats, avoiding debate
    Rather than battle Republicans over a proposal they stressed would help protect reproductive rights, Senate Democrats on Wednesday spiked the legislation — a move that drew applause from some religious groups packed into the chamber's gallery who strongly opposed it.
  2. The great legislative debate: Peaches vs. Cantaloupes
    State Representative Angela Williams thought she'd found a perfect way to engage young citizens while exposing them to the legislative process — having them create and run a bill.
  3. Castle Rock swears in new town council, selects mayor
    Castle Rock will keep the same mayor for another two years after council on Tuesday night voted another term for District 1 Councilman Paul Donahue, the town said in a news release.
  4. Youth tanning bed limits rejected in Colorado
    A proposal to ban children from artificial tanning beds has been rejected in the Colorado Legislature.
  5. Aurora council nixes pay raises, "strong mayor"
    So much for making the Aurora City Council a full-time gig and increasing the power of the mayor. At a retreat last weekend, the council decided against asking voters to approve raises for the council and mayor.